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9 Simple Tips To Help You Work From Home.

One effect of the coronavirus pandemic has been a huge increase in the number of Australians working from home. To help a little we have put together 9 simple ways you can get your work done and stay healthy while working from home.

Tip 1: Dress up

When searching for tips on how to stay productive while working from home, you will realise that most websites recommend that you dress up as if you are actually heading out for work. But the truth is that the thought of having to dress up in a suit does sound a little ridiculous.

The key point behind this tip is to prepare yourself mentally and start your day as if you are actually going to work.

Therefore, start your day by engaging in a normal routine. That means you get up early in the morning, take a shower, prepare breakfast, and dress up for work. Do not make the mistake of starting your work while wearing your pyjamas.

Tip 2: Create a dedicated working space

The second thing you need to do is create a working space and make sure that it is equipped with everything you need. This includes proper lighting and ventilation to promote air circulation. Moreover, your working area should be spacious enough to fit both an office desk and chair. It should also be silent or experience less noise so that you can be able to concentrate on your work.

Tip 3: Create a timely work plan & maintain regular hours

It is important that you coordinate and plan your day. You need to be in control of your time so that you can increase productivity. Find out whether you have any meetings scheduled for the day if there are any, try to coordinate these meetings within the household. For example, you can be having virtual meetings while your spouse is playing the role of parenting.

Do this to stay motivated and productive at the same time. Therefore, it is vital that you create a to-do-list so that you do not miss out on any priorities. This will help you tackle all activities, including those horrible tasks that you normally postponed for another day.

Tip 4: Set clear goals each day

It is important that you consider this tip when planning your work schedule. Do not underestimate the importance of setting up clear goals, especially if you want to stay focused. However, make sure that the goals you set are achievable and realistic. This will help you stay focused, and your actions will be more rewarding.

Tip 5: Minimise distractions

It might not be possible to get rid of all distractions, but you can definitely try to “minimize” the factor that may distract you. Do not try to multitask, because you will only end up being frustrated since you will not be productive in any way. Because of this reason, it is important that you minimize distractions, and you can do this by turning off your email and text notifications, and also by using “DO NOT DISTURB SIGNS.” You can hang such signs on the door so that your relatives and friends can stay away from your working area.

Tip 6: Take a break

You might be tempted to keep on working without stopping when working from home. But you can automatically increase productivity and boost your focus when you take regular breaks. Moreover, a normal working routine should have time for breaks. Therefore, do what you would do if you were working from an office. That is, if you are used to taking a coffee break at 11 am, then go ahead and do the same when working at home. Take a break and go for a walk so that you can stretch your legs or engage in any other form of work out.

Tip 7: Take advantage of digital tools

There are many applications, platforms, and tools you can use to reach out to your workmates, programs like Zoom are free to use and provide virtual face to face interaction.

Tip 8: Connect with fellow workmates

Working from home does not stop you from staying connected with fellow colleagues. Furthermore, more staying connected gives you an opportunity to share problems and even tackle tasks together as a team. For example, at Ignite, colleagues use an internal platform to do various things such as sharing documents and online meetings.

Colleagues also use the same platform to share ideas of their workspace and things that can be done to minimise distraction. Another benefit of staying connected is that you can tackle business challenges and seek permanent solutions. Furthermore, you keep on updating your fellow colleagues and friends on what you are doing.

Tip 9: Get enough rest after a long day

Lastly, you need to make sure that you get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep will help your body recover and prepare for the next day. Therefore, it is important that you sleep for at least eight hours as recommended by health specialists. Create a boundary between working hours and family time. After a long day of work, leave your working area, and concentrate on your home life. Stay updated on what is happening around you by watching the daily news.

Also, create time for yourself – so that you can exercise, learn new things, play, laugh, and rest.

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