This is a Must Read for All Year 12 Graduates!

Finishing school is probably one of the most exciting times of a young persons life.

Finally after all these years you can spread your wings and get out into the big wide world. But unfortunately the excitement doesn’t come without a fair share of pressure and confusion, and many school leavers will be left wondering what to do next.

The Vocational Education & Training Sector offers practical, job specific training that opens up a world of opportunities for both desired career paths and further study. The Queensland Government offers fee-free training to Year 12 graduates who enrol in training in a high priority qualification by the end of the calendar year following their completion of Year 12.

This means that you have the opportunity to enrol in a high priority course free of charge. The full list of qualifications considered high priority can be found here:

Amongst the list of courses that come under the scheme, one happens to be a Certificate III in Hospitality, which is one of our most popular courses here at Ignite and one that can take you just about anywhere! From bars to clubs, from airlines and cruise liners to 5 star hotels and beyond! Our Certificate III in Hospitality course features all the essential elements needed to get you started in a career in hospitality including: Responsible Service of Alcohol, Bar & Cocktail, Barista, Food & Beverage + more.

If hospitality isn’t your thing we also offer Certificate III courses in both Business and Business Administration.

Today’s job market is hungry for young, ambitious employees that have recognised qualifications and practical skills under their belt. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 07 5559 5077 and let us help you Ignite your future today!

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