Trouble shooting tips for BBSonline or DIDASKO platforms

If students are having issues with an online platform for their units use the below to assist in trouble shooting problems they may be having – it usually is because they don’t have their “Cookies Enabled”. You can cut and paste this info to them and each has a youtube video that they can watch also.

iPad – when using Safari as the web browser

· Go to the settings icon

· Scroll to Safari, then scroll down to privacy and security

· See Block Cookies – select “Always Allow”

Mac Book Air or Mac Book – when using Safari as the web browser

· Open web browser

· Click on top left of screen on the word Safari

· Click on the drop down menu and select Preferences

· Select Privacy – then you will see:

Website Tracking: Untick

Cookies and website data: Untick

Both of these need to be unticked to allow cookies to work

Laptop or PC – when using Google Chrome as the web browser

· Open the browser and click on the 3 dots on the right hand side

· Select settings then scroll down to Privacy and security

· Select Site Settings

· Under permissions click on Cookies and site data

· Click on enable the “Allows sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)” slide it across the top toggle button so it is blue and disable the two other toggle buttons

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