Volunteering – A Different Kind of Work Experience

If you find that it is taking that little bit longer to get a job then you have a few options. You can study to gain a new skill or you can study to up skill. You can also volunteer.

Many employers see volunteering as a credible way of getting work experience and see it as a beneficial addition to your resume if it is in the same industry as the one you are looking for work in.  For first time jobseeker volunteering is a great way of getting work experience to help you stand out from the pack.

Volunteering can also help you in an interview situation. If you are looking to get into the hospitality industry especially events then volunteering for a local event in your area will most likely be seen by future employers as highly advantageous. Not only does volunteering benefit the community and provide support and resources to those who need it – it can provide you with the relevant experience you need get be selected for interview.

Volunteering can also tell a lot about you and your personality. It can highlight your commitment and dedication to something you believe in. It shows you are motivated, socially responsible and proactive.  It can also highlight your people skills.

If you need to gain a new skill while also considering volunteering then Ignite Education offers Government Certificate 3 courses in Hospitality, Business Administration and Business. Click here to view our range of Hospitality & Business Courses.

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