Workplace Health & Safety Policy & Procedures

Workplace health and safety legislation applies to everyone at Ignite Education. All staff, students and visitors have a responsibility to ensure the workplace is safe and that their own actions do not put the health and safety of others at risk.

Please report any incident or hazard immediately.

Evacuation/Safety Procedures at Ignite Education

Please take note of exits from the classrooms and buildings. Your Trainer will explain evacuation and safety procedures to you. 

Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

Ignite Education is a smoke-free workplace. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and only permissible at designated locations away from building entrances; there is to be no smoking within four metres of a building entrance.

Any student under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted on Ignite Education premises, to use Ignite Education facilities or equipment, or to engage in any Ignite Education activity.

People taking prescription medication have a duty to ensure their own safety, and that of others, is not affected.

  1. Ignite Education is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and environment for all employees, students, consultants, visitors, and subcontractors.
  2. Ignite Education ensures compliance with health and safety legislation, regulations, standards, and codes of practice. 
  3. Ignite Education is committed to implementing a risk management framework which identifies, promotes, and continuously improves health and safety performance.
  4. The General Manager will take every practicable step to provide and maintain a safe and healthy   

        work environment for all employees. To this end:

  • Is responsible for the effective implementation of the company health and safety policy
  • must observe, implement, and fulfil its responsibilities under the Acts and Regulations
  • must ensure the agreed procedures for regular consultation between GENERAL MANAGER and employees.
  • must ensure regular risk assessments are conducted which identify, assess, and control hazards in the workplace.
  • must ensure that all specific policies operating within Ignite Education are periodically revised and consistent with health and safety objectives
  • must provide information, training, and supervision for all employees in the correct use of plant, equipment and substances used throughout Ignite Education; and
  • must be informed of incidents and accidents occurring on the premises or to employees so that health and safety performances can accurately be gauged.
  • Must be informed of non-conformances and non-compliances relating to consultants or employees of Ignite Education
  1. Employees
  • have a duty to take the care of which they are capable for their own health and safety and of others affected by their actions at work
  • should comply with the safety procedures and directions agreed between the GENERAL MANAGER and employees
  • must not willfully interfere with or misuse items or facilities provided in the interests of health, safety, and welfare on Ignite Education employees
  • must, in accordance with agreed company procedures for accident and incident reporting, report non conformances and non-compliances, potential and actual hazards to their health and safety representatives
  1. Sub-contractors
  • before undertaking all experiential activities will apply risk assessment before commencement. 
  • Will undertake a written risk analysis with suggestions for mitigation should be conducted in any case where an activity holds potential substantive risk.
  • Will monitor safety risks and hazards in any student contact environment.  Mitigation is also part of this.
  • Will ensure that all meetings and courses commence with a safety introduction that should include as appropriate emergency evacuation procedures, identification of exits, identification of any standard hazards etc.
  • Will conduct a standard briefing at the beginning of each training course.  This should identify evacuation processes, major risks, any standard systems for the course, any accountabilities for Ignite Education trainer/assessors, students, and venue.
  1. This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated as required when there are legislation and/or company changes or annually. 
  2. The GENERAL MANAGER seeks co-operation from all employees in realising our health and safety objectives and creating a safe work environment. 
  3. All employees will be advised, in writing, of agreed WHS changes and arrangements for their implementation.


Work Placements

Evacuation/Safety Procedures at Currumbin RSL 

    1. If you are completing work placement at Currumbin RSL you will need to take note of the following for an emergency evacuation procedure: 
    2. When an alarm is sounded you MUST follow the instructions of employees. 
    3.  Follow the instructions of your area warden 
    4.  Go to the nearest safe exit 
    5.  Main assembly point – lamp pole (with signage) main entrance area near round about or out the back near the creek (opposite The Cove) 
    6. Once at assembly point the fire brigade are in complete control and you are not allowed back in the building until instructed by fire warden via the fire brigade. 
  • Only use fire extinguisher if you have had training, have backup and a safe means of escaping


Trainee Workplace

If you are completing a traineeship you will need to take note of the emergency evacuation procedure for that business. Your Supervisor will advise you.

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