Uni or VET? Which Is Best For You?

So you’ve finished school, or maybe you’re looking to reignite your career path with a new qualification. So what do you do? Do you apply for university or look into vocational education? This choice depends on a number of personal factors and will ultimately be up to you.

However over the past decade or so the push to go to university seems to have been stronger than ever before. University is indeed an excellent option for some people, and certain qualifications (i.e. medicine, law) can only be obtained through going to university. Vocational Education tends to take a backseat to university in terms of exposure and popularity, but many people are unaware of the benefits of VET and what it can do for them.

Many people, especially those just finishing school are still unsure of what they really want to do or study. This can be a confusing time for young people and they may feel pressure from various sources to apply for university, only to find themselves stuck in a course that is not really for them. The advantage of VET in this instance is that there are many courses offered within the same fields that offer a lesser qualification and take significantly less time and money to complete.

For example, you may have an interest in business but you are not 100% sure that you want to commit to studying a 3-4 year university degree. VET establishments such as us here at Ignite Education offer a Certificate III in Business (BSB30115) course that takes as little as 5 weeks to complete and is available from just $50. You could enrol, complete the course and you would likely have a much better idea about whether or not you want to study business at a higher level. Furthermore you will have gained a nationally recognised qualification in the process.

VET courses focus on equipping students with the practical skills they need to work in a particular industry. Here at Ignite our goal is to provide a dynamic and practical education for all of our students in a fun and supportive environment, and to ultimately do all we can to help our students gain employment.

We have Certificate III courses in both Business and Hospitality commencing early December, places are limited so contact us as soon as possible to express your interest.

Our Diploma of Hospitality Management course is also now open for enrolment. This course features a 7 day P&O work experience cruise, hosting your own live event, and much more!

Give us a call on 07 5559 5077 or fill out the form below to contact us today and Ignite your future!

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